Add Trackdle to WhatsApp

Create a WhatsApp Group and add Trackdle

Share your Wordle score in the WhatsApp Group

How Trackdle works

Simply create or add Trackdle to a WhatsApp group and then share your Worlde score. Trackdle does the rest.

  • Tracks your All Time Average
  • Fun weekly competition
  • Simply to install or remove

Frequently Asked Questions

You can either add the Trackdle WhatsApp contact to your phone using this link:

or you can scan the following QR code

You sure can. Trackdle treats every WhatsApp Group as a new game – so you can add Trackdle to different WhatsApp groups and it keep score of the group.

Just be sure to post your score to each group!

We reccomend adding it to a fresh Wordle only group, so as users can be added and leave as they want.

Trackdle uses WhatsApp end-to-end to ensure only the WhatApp group can read the messages. Trackdle then only parses and stores messages which are in the format of Wordle scores. 

Sure you can. Just add youurself and Trackdle to a WhatsApp Group message.

Do no direct message Trackdle as these messages are not tracked. The tracking functionality only works in a WhatsApp Group.

There could be a few reasons:

  1. Currently we don’t support sharing hard mode score *. Please turn off hardmode and then share your score in channel 
  2. Ensure that you are sending your score to a WhatsApp Group and not a direct message.

    If you want to record your individual score, you can always just add you and Trackdle to a WhatsApp Group.

Just remove Trackdle from the WhatsApp Group.

In the Weekly Competition, your scores are inversed, meaning:
1 score = 6 weekly competion
2 score = 5 weekly competion
3 score = 4 weekly competion
4 score = 3 weekly competion
5 score = 2 weekly competion
6 score = 1 weekly competion
X score = 0 weekly competion

Add Trackdle to your WhatsApp group

Just scan the code and you’re off